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Obsession Currently: Skin Food

Skin Food is an artisan organic skin care company that uses SUPER FOODS, butters, herbs, and oils to create the best skin care product ever.

I seriously can’t get enough….

Aubrey has worked hard researching ingredients, origins, benefits, and nutrition of every ingredient that she uses.

Skin Food is made with INTENTION. Yes please.

The product that I have been using from her skin care line is called the Detox Face Mask. This is a power packed mask that contains over 23 minerals and leaves my skin feeling amazing. The mask contains Dead Sea Clay (majority), Alfalfa, and Kelp Powder.

Dead Sea Clay helps to restore the pH of the skin and the main role that it takes in this product is to remove those toxins!

Alfalfa is the vitamin source.

Kelp Powder is used for inflammation, moisturizes the skin, and exfoliates.

In each package for the Detox Face Mask; you will get a container with the powder and then a bottle that has a mixture of grapeseed oil and essential oils. You mix the powder with water and apply to your face (make sure that your face is damp before applying). I like to use a makeup brush just because it is goes on a lot easier and I know for sure that it will cover everything. Your face will start to feel a tightening which for me takes about 15 minutes. I use warm water to remove the mask and you can immediately feel everything being pulled from your pores. It is incredible! I try to do this mask about once a week but I definitely use this product during menstruation (recommended by Aubrey).

Check out this product on her Etsy account: Skin Food


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