Passion Planner

Let me start by telling you that this is how I can manage a busy schedule without losing my mind 🙂

Passion Planner is INCREDIBLE….

This planner has a weekly and monthly calendar but it also has a place for you to list your goals.

The planner provides structure to act as a starting point, while allowing plenty of room for you to customize it however you want to. The layout is balanced and flexible which means it can work for all lifestyles. The best part of this for me is that it takes lifelong goals that you have and breaks them down into smaller monthly, weekly, and daily steps. This is so much more manageable and relieves so much stress. The parts of the planner include:

1)  Passion Roadmap – this roadmap is a visual way to create a step by step plan to reach all of your goals. Once you set this up, you can go back and look at the checkpoints you have made and deadlines you have for each month or week.

2) Monthly Layout – This helps you look at the previous month, find what is most important for you at the moment, and create attainable goals for yourself.

3) Weekly Layout – The goals and passions come into play here in the context of your daily responsibilities. Each week has a section for you write the focus of the week/day, schedule appointments, list your work and personal tasks, write down what has been going great, and a blank space that you can use for anything. I like to use this space for planning meals for the week, phone numbers I need to remember, specific information for homework assignments, or even books that people have recommended.

4) Reflection Pages – At the end of each month, there are questions for you to answer where you can reflect on the previous month and look at how far you have come. Initially, I thought this was corny….but I have come to LOVE this because it makes me really sit down and dig deep about what I need to do next.

5) Blank and Grid Pages – At the end of the planner, there are extra pages to use creatively 🙂

The benefits of using this planner (to name a few..)

You get to customize based on your needs.

Follow your true passions.

Get focused.

Put YOU first.

Declutter your brain.

Challenge yourself.

Look at the big picture.

Manage time.

Stay positive!

Please, grab one of these planners and make your life so much easy!

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