It’s Happening…

Day One.

I am extremely excited, hesitant, and nervous to begin blogging. My idea for this has been something I have wanted to do for about a year now. I actually decided randomly to seek out a psychic to visit one on one. I found Susan Rawlings who was absolutely amazing and based out of Columbus. She has since moved to phone sessions only but I highly recommend trying this out because it gave me a sense of peace and direction. Susan shared with me (before readings from loved ones) some of my future that she was seeing. She told me that she knows that I am going into education but that is not where I will be truly fulfilled and happy. Teaching will be just a part of my happiness but blogging is where I will thrive. Her suggestion was to take a photography class and to finally push myself to begin this crazy idea. Needless to say, I purchased this host a year ago and it has taken me up until right now to sit down and create this dream of mine. I have no expectations of where this will go, what I will write about, who I will meet during this process, and if it will even be something that even one person will read. I am hopeful that I can share how I learn to love this life and embrace who I am as a person.

I want to talk to entrepeanours, strong women, health guides, fitness coaches, teachers, retired women, authors, comedians, and so much more. I want to explore what the world has to offer and keep this as a way to document my experiences.

My goal is also to share some of the wellness tips, products, and beauty products that I use and find that are owned by small business owners.

My last idea is to incorporate education into the mix. I find many blogs that have specific wants of mine whether that is home decor, lifestyle, fitness, healthy eating, education, etc…. I never find blogs that have all of these aspects as well as education. I wanted to build a place that gives individuals who are interested in learning about spirituality, holistic health, wellness, and education. I don’t want this to necessarily be for teachers because I can guarantee that any person will find something that they can identify with when they scroll through.

I am so excited to see where this goes and can’t wait to share with you!

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